Frequently Asked Questions

What are the customs procedures?
You need to register with Canpass (1-866-226-7277) prior to departure. On arrival, you need to call Canpass (if you do not have a cell phone on board you may use the phone inside the Avitat.)

How far is the Avitat from downtown Ottawa?
The Avitat is approximately a 20-minute drive from downtown Ottawa.

Does the Avitat carry approach plates?
No. Unfortunately we have no approach plates at the Avitat.

What are the ramp charges associated with coming to the Avitat?
We charge a 24-hour ramp fee which is dependant on your aircraft size. If you would like to know the ramp charge for your specific aircraft prior to your trip, please feel free to contact us or call us at 613.739.3776.

What are the Avitat's hours of operation?
We are open Monday-Friday 5am to 11pm EST and Saturday and Sunday from 6am to 11pm EST. Please note that you are welcome to visit outside our hours of operation however a callout charge does apply.